Routledge, Abingdon


316, xi Pages

ISBN 9780415706636

Routledge Library Editions: Phenomenology
vol. 14

Phenomenology and Marxism

Edited by

Bernhard Waldenfels, Jan Broekman, Ante Pažanin

Translated by J Claude Evans

Originally published in English in 1984, this collection of essays documents a dialogue between phenomenology and Marxism, with the contributors representing a cross-section from the two traditions. The theoretical and historical presuppositions of the phenomenology inaugurated by Husserl are very different from those of the much older Marxist tradition, yet, as these essays show, there are definite points of contact, communication and exchange between the two traditions.

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Waldenfels, B. , Broekman, J. , Pažanin, A. (eds) (1984). Phenomenology and Marxism, transl. J. C. Evans, Routledge, Abingdon.

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