Alphonso Lingis

pp. 113-123

For Martin Heidegger the death that comes singularly for each of us summons us to exist on our own and speak in our own name. But Gilles Delueze and Félix Guattari argue that it is a specific social machinery that summons us to speak in our own name and answer for what we do and are. This summons is a death sentence. They enjoin us to flee this subjectification, this subjection. They do recognize that the release of becomings in all directions can become destructive and self-destructive. There are several weaknesses in their conception.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-007-9054-5

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Lingis, A. (2007). Subjectification. Continental Philosophy Review 40 (2), pp. 113-123.

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