Documentalità o della grammatologia quale scienza positiva

Ferraris e l'eredità di Derrida

Francesco Vitale

pp. 365-376

The author proposes to read Documentalità constantly referring to Jacques Derrida’s work, which is one of its main sources. This comparative reading develops through a double move: on the one hand, it attempts to explain Derrida’s famous sentence “there is nothing outside the text” taking into account the criticism elaborated in Ferraris’ work. On the other hand, it suggests an understanding of the theory of document as a development of Derrida’s project of a “Grammatology as a positive science”. The articulation of this twofold movement is found in Derrida’s theory of archiwriting, to which Ferraris refers: the liberation of the theory of writing from the linear phonetic-alphabetic ideal in view of a multidimensional writing, which can explain the functioning of our thinking and its articulation with the systems of inscription that the new technologies have made available.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1512

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Vitale, F. (2012). Documentalità o della grammatologia quale scienza positiva: Ferraris e l'eredità di Derrida. Rivista di estetica 50, pp. 365-376.

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