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ISBN 978-3-319-22194-6

Philosophy and psychology of time

Edited by

Valtteri Arstila , Peter Øhrstrøm

This book is an edited collection of papers from international experts in philosophy and psychology concerned with time. The collection aims to bridge the gap between these disciplines by focussing on five key themes and providing philosophical and psychological perspectives on each theme.

The first theme is the concept of time. The discussion ranges from the folk concept of time to the notion of time in logic, philosophy and psychology. The second theme concerns the notion of present in the philosophyof mind, metaphysics, and psychology. The third theme relates to continuity and flow of time in mind. One of the key questions in this section is how the apparent temporal continuity of conscious experience relates to the possibly discrete character of underlying neural processes. The fourth theme is the timing of experiences, with a focus on the perception of simultaneity and illusions of temporal order. Such effects are treated as test cases for hypotheses about the relationship between the subjective temporal order of experience and the objective order of neural events. The fifth and the final theme of the volume is time and intersubjectivity. This section examines the role of time in interpersonal coordination and in the development of social skills.

The collection will appeal to both psychologists and philosophers, but also to researchers from other disciplines who seek an accessible overview of the research on time in psychology and philosophy.

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Arstila, V. , Øhrstrøm, P. (eds) (2016). Philosophy and psychology of time, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents


Mölder Bruno; Arstila Valtteri


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The concept of time

Øhrstrøm Peter


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Our concept of time

Baron Samuel; Miller Kristie


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Psychological time

Zakay Dan


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The duration of presence

Wittmann Marc


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The stream of consciousness

Rashbrook-Cooper Oliver


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Continuity and the flow of time

Madl Tamas; Franklin Stan; Snaider Javier; Faghihi Usef


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The timing of experiences

Yarrow Kielan; Arnold Derek H.


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Time in intersubjectivity

Mölder Bruno


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